13 October 2006

The Artful Paper Doll

One of the better bookstores in Melbourne is Reader's Feast - it's actually a book store, instead of a book supermarket, like Borders, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, etc. I always find interesting books in their craft section, so I avoid going, as I know I'm going to spend money.

However, they have a great loyalty program, where you have a card, which you present at the time of purchase, and the amount is added to your account. At the end of six months, you get sent a gift voucher which is equal to 10% of your purchases for those six months, at the end of the year, if you've spent over $5,000, you get a $100 (I believe) gift voucher, plus your normal 10% one - too cool, and it's free.

Anyhow, I had my $20 gift voucher for the first half year and went and browsed early this week. I was a bit annoyed, because as usual, I found a craft book that was $10 cheaper than it had been at Borders, where I had bought it (because Borders is conveniently close to where I work - sigh). This is the first time that I've actually bought the more expensive version - oh well, never mind, it's done now.

So, I saw this book - Artful Paper Dolls - a beautiful book (this after rejecting about six other books that I had to have - LOL). I took it home and devoured it - wonderful stuff.

It got me to thinking about paper dolls (which I've always loved) and the digital medium. I'd already made several digital paper dolls and was ready to make another. However, this one was going to be a bit different, it was going to be more of an 'altered' paper doll, a bitza doll.

Here she is - I like her:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Most of the pieces are from the Big Box of Art, the flowers are by Tracy Ann Robinson and the word 'wondering' and flourishy overlay are by Ztampf.

16 September 2006

The Specials

I'm a funky mood this morning. It's my DH's 50th birthday - woohoo!

Anyhow, I got my Dover sample email this morning and the matchbook clipart appealed to me - especially the after dinner specials. I changed it to read "my", instead of "our". Here is the result of my wacky idea - click on the pic for a larger view:

Credits as follows:

Bathing beauties by Maya at Scrapbook Graphics
Paper by Meredith Fenwick at Scrapbook Graphics
Zipper and template by Annette Farrelly at Pickle Berry Pop
Pins by Karen Hunt at Scrap Book Bytes
Corkboard and twill tape by Christine Smith at The Digi Chick
Woman by Janna Billman at katrynbalint.com

14 September 2006


Okay, I'm debating about taking some lettering and/or doodling classes from a fellow member on my journaling group. I love her stuff - here's her blog if you want to check it out.

Anyhow, she was offering a free sample for each of her two classes - doodles and lettering. I was wondering if I could apply the concept to doodling on the computer, especially using Illustrator, as I've been dabbling a bit of late - so I gave it a go and this is my paltry attempt - LOL - this is no reflection whatsoever on Nicolette's classes, nor her abilty, but it does say lots about me.

9 September 2006

Feeling Trashy

Okay, this is kinda how I've been feeling of late and so I created this - lot of credits on this.

Paisley background and woman by Janna Billman - ATC People
Handle with Care stamp by Meredith Fenwick - Pieces of Me Collection
Frame by Maya - Dumpster Diving
Crown by Maya - Pixel Pixies
Speech balloon and it's stitches by Ztampf - ARTistitches Combo 4 & 5
Red paper on speech balloon by Robyn England - Holy Cow
Felt corner by Tiff Brady - Felt Photo Corners
Overlay on dress is a paper by Sausan Designs - Altered Artistry Urban Art
White stitches by Chris Ford - Future Rock Star

8 September 2006

Am I stupid, or what?

Okay, I was wondering why I had no comments here (I mean, the stuff isn't THAT bad - LOL) and then I see that I do - so, I wonder why I have not been notified of them - well duh - I go and check my settings and see that I haven't put in an email address to have the comments sent to me - talk about stupid!

Now, I will make a greater effort here - I really will - I'm such a slacker sometimes - too busy with my design work et al of late to do anything just for me (well, I like the designing, I do but it's not 'art' now, is it?)

Hmm - what else? Nothing else - for the moment :)

Oh, I think I will have a little subscribe thing here - yeah, that's a good idea, isn't it?

8 August 2006


When I started this, I had this thought in my mind of visual journaling. Why, I have no idea. I realised yesterday that I actually journal in lots of different ways, these include, but are not limited to:

- digital scrapbooking
- emails
- digital art (which was my intention in the first place)
- my textile crafts (yes, I do - what I make on any given day is directly linked to how I feel on that particular day. I'm sure this is true for most people, but do we look at it like that - do we see it as journaling?)
- my jewelry making
- in fact, any of the crafts that I make and do
- my story/poem writings

I had this epiphany because I was looking at some small glass tiles that I had purchased on Sunday from the hardware store. The minute I saw them, I didn't see a series of glass border tiles, but rather painted pins/brooches embellished with beads and wire (yes, I do tend to think outside of the box - LOL). In addition to the tiles, at school today, my daughter is having her school photos done. I had this idea of making scrapped fridge magnets from the solo photos using CD's, and presenting them in CD tins for presents for the grandparents. Now, to me, this is all a form of journaling - some might disagree.

So, what I'm trying to really say is that I'm changing the purpose of this blog from visual journaling, to a more all rounded form of journaling - some may just say - it's art, which it is - call it what you will - doesn't make a scrap of difference to me - LOL.

Stay tuned for more insights and journal bits (or art pieces - up to you)

24 July 2006

Peace Doll

On my Wild Art Dolls yahoo group, we were discussing peace dolls. The idea was brought up by Noreen Crone-Findlay, and she's made several peace dolls, which feature on her blog - Sacred Dolls and Bears. Some of the other group members have been similarly inspired.

Now, while I would love to have made a peace doll out of paper and fibres, two elements which I love to work with, at this point in time, I simply do not have the space (I hate packing up in the middle of a project!). Instead, I have made a digital paper peace doll, as I can simply leave her in the middle of being made, with no clean up required - LOL.

This is her - I hope you like her - please click on the image for a slightly larger view.

Lots of credits as follows:

Doll template and face by Maya
Flowers by Tracy Ann Robinson
Buttons and crown by Karen Hunt
Word art by Jen Wilson
Doodles by Nicole Hinrichs
Wings (which are flowers) by Christine Smith

15 June 2006

Lost in the Woods

I started this yesterday because that's pretty much how I was feeling.

Images used are from various resources around the web, the woods water colour though is from Resurgere, who have the most amazing textures - definitely worth checking out.

14 June 2006

A note

I checked on my stats today and noticed a lot of returning visitors - I would post more here if I had more feedback - you know how it goes.

It seems there's an interest, but I don't know in what - LOL.

So, c'mon - what do you want to read? Learn? Look at?

I made this ATC today - pretty self explanatory really.

All images from Stock.xchng

7 June 2006

Tangerine Gypsy

This is a card I made for a project on Digital Art Quirks. The idea was to give yourself a name and then make a card to represent that name, the person below you in the list, would give you the second part of your name, and create a card to illustrate that part. The final part of the project was to create a card representing the final name - this is mine. I chose Gypsy for myself and the other person chose Tangerine (which is infinitely appropriate) and this is my card.

All elements from various sources, the pearls are made by me though :)

6 June 2006

Old Fashioned Antics

Last week, I purchased a book called Memories of a Lifetime - Romantic Illustrations - they are a series of a ephemera books. You can choose to cut out the images in the book, or print them off yourself as they come with a CD.

I also purchased some new kits, two of which are by Ztampf, the Flower Patz Accents and the ARTiStitches Combo Pack 4 & 5. I couldn't resist putting these things together, and this is what I got.

1 June 2006

The Shell

I've created several pieces of art today, one which I uploaded to Digital Art Quirks, two more DAQ pieces, but only one will get uploaded - I have yet to decide which one, and this one. I was demonstrating the torn effect action I had created for PS CS, and not yet perfected, and I liked the result of the torn shell on the black border, so I added some words and voila - here we are - pretty neat, huh?

31 May 2006

In the beginning

Talk about your blog overload, this is ACTIVE blog no. 3 - LOL. The first one I have deals with my digital art, which was started mostly to showcase my digital scrapbooking, but I seem to be drifting away from that, and getting back to my other art works.

The second blog is my writing blog, no, not a journaling one, but rather WRITER, if you know what I mean.

This is my journal one, a visual journal, or art journal as some people call it. In this blog, there will be boring day to day tidbits (if I get to day by day - LOL), interspersed with my digital (or maybe even some non digital!), art, reflecting the ongoings or emotions at the time of creation.

Enjoy, or not, as the case may be.

Today's piece of visual art is my header - yippee! LOL