15 June 2006

Lost in the Woods

I started this yesterday because that's pretty much how I was feeling.

Images used are from various resources around the web, the woods water colour though is from Resurgere, who have the most amazing textures - definitely worth checking out.

14 June 2006

A note

I checked on my stats today and noticed a lot of returning visitors - I would post more here if I had more feedback - you know how it goes.

It seems there's an interest, but I don't know in what - LOL.

So, c'mon - what do you want to read? Learn? Look at?

I made this ATC today - pretty self explanatory really.

All images from Stock.xchng

7 June 2006

Tangerine Gypsy

This is a card I made for a project on Digital Art Quirks. The idea was to give yourself a name and then make a card to represent that name, the person below you in the list, would give you the second part of your name, and create a card to illustrate that part. The final part of the project was to create a card representing the final name - this is mine. I chose Gypsy for myself and the other person chose Tangerine (which is infinitely appropriate) and this is my card.

All elements from various sources, the pearls are made by me though :)

6 June 2006

Old Fashioned Antics

Last week, I purchased a book called Memories of a Lifetime - Romantic Illustrations - they are a series of a ephemera books. You can choose to cut out the images in the book, or print them off yourself as they come with a CD.

I also purchased some new kits, two of which are by Ztampf, the Flower Patz Accents and the ARTiStitches Combo Pack 4 & 5. I couldn't resist putting these things together, and this is what I got.

1 June 2006

The Shell

I've created several pieces of art today, one which I uploaded to Digital Art Quirks, two more DAQ pieces, but only one will get uploaded - I have yet to decide which one, and this one. I was demonstrating the torn effect action I had created for PS CS, and not yet perfected, and I liked the result of the torn shell on the black border, so I added some words and voila - here we are - pretty neat, huh?