6 June 2006

Old Fashioned Antics

Last week, I purchased a book called Memories of a Lifetime - Romantic Illustrations - they are a series of a ephemera books. You can choose to cut out the images in the book, or print them off yourself as they come with a CD.

I also purchased some new kits, two of which are by Ztampf, the Flower Patz Accents and the ARTiStitches Combo Pack 4 & 5. I couldn't resist putting these things together, and this is what I got.

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Sue Jones said...

You just reminded me. When I joined clipart.com once, I was browsing Dover Illustrations and found some really funny old and slightly bawdy clipart images like these.
I wish now that I'd grabbed them at the time. You would have had a field day with them.