24 July 2006

Peace Doll

On my Wild Art Dolls yahoo group, we were discussing peace dolls. The idea was brought up by Noreen Crone-Findlay, and she's made several peace dolls, which feature on her blog - Sacred Dolls and Bears. Some of the other group members have been similarly inspired.

Now, while I would love to have made a peace doll out of paper and fibres, two elements which I love to work with, at this point in time, I simply do not have the space (I hate packing up in the middle of a project!). Instead, I have made a digital paper peace doll, as I can simply leave her in the middle of being made, with no clean up required - LOL.

This is her - I hope you like her - please click on the image for a slightly larger view.

Lots of credits as follows:

Doll template and face by Maya
Flowers by Tracy Ann Robinson
Buttons and crown by Karen Hunt
Word art by Jen Wilson
Doodles by Nicole Hinrichs
Wings (which are flowers) by Christine Smith