8 August 2006


When I started this, I had this thought in my mind of visual journaling. Why, I have no idea. I realised yesterday that I actually journal in lots of different ways, these include, but are not limited to:

- digital scrapbooking
- emails
- digital art (which was my intention in the first place)
- my textile crafts (yes, I do - what I make on any given day is directly linked to how I feel on that particular day. I'm sure this is true for most people, but do we look at it like that - do we see it as journaling?)
- my jewelry making
- in fact, any of the crafts that I make and do
- my story/poem writings

I had this epiphany because I was looking at some small glass tiles that I had purchased on Sunday from the hardware store. The minute I saw them, I didn't see a series of glass border tiles, but rather painted pins/brooches embellished with beads and wire (yes, I do tend to think outside of the box - LOL). In addition to the tiles, at school today, my daughter is having her school photos done. I had this idea of making scrapped fridge magnets from the solo photos using CD's, and presenting them in CD tins for presents for the grandparents. Now, to me, this is all a form of journaling - some might disagree.

So, what I'm trying to really say is that I'm changing the purpose of this blog from visual journaling, to a more all rounded form of journaling - some may just say - it's art, which it is - call it what you will - doesn't make a scrap of difference to me - LOL.

Stay tuned for more insights and journal bits (or art pieces - up to you)