16 September 2006

The Specials

I'm a funky mood this morning. It's my DH's 50th birthday - woohoo!

Anyhow, I got my Dover sample email this morning and the matchbook clipart appealed to me - especially the after dinner specials. I changed it to read "my", instead of "our". Here is the result of my wacky idea - click on the pic for a larger view:

Credits as follows:

Bathing beauties by Maya at Scrapbook Graphics
Paper by Meredith Fenwick at Scrapbook Graphics
Zipper and template by Annette Farrelly at Pickle Berry Pop
Pins by Karen Hunt at Scrap Book Bytes
Corkboard and twill tape by Christine Smith at The Digi Chick
Woman by Janna Billman at katrynbalint.com

14 September 2006


Okay, I'm debating about taking some lettering and/or doodling classes from a fellow member on my journaling group. I love her stuff - here's her blog if you want to check it out.

Anyhow, she was offering a free sample for each of her two classes - doodles and lettering. I was wondering if I could apply the concept to doodling on the computer, especially using Illustrator, as I've been dabbling a bit of late - so I gave it a go and this is my paltry attempt - LOL - this is no reflection whatsoever on Nicolette's classes, nor her abilty, but it does say lots about me.

9 September 2006

Feeling Trashy

Okay, this is kinda how I've been feeling of late and so I created this - lot of credits on this.

Paisley background and woman by Janna Billman - ATC People
Handle with Care stamp by Meredith Fenwick - Pieces of Me Collection
Frame by Maya - Dumpster Diving
Crown by Maya - Pixel Pixies
Speech balloon and it's stitches by Ztampf - ARTistitches Combo 4 & 5
Red paper on speech balloon by Robyn England - Holy Cow
Felt corner by Tiff Brady - Felt Photo Corners
Overlay on dress is a paper by Sausan Designs - Altered Artistry Urban Art
White stitches by Chris Ford - Future Rock Star

8 September 2006

Am I stupid, or what?

Okay, I was wondering why I had no comments here (I mean, the stuff isn't THAT bad - LOL) and then I see that I do - so, I wonder why I have not been notified of them - well duh - I go and check my settings and see that I haven't put in an email address to have the comments sent to me - talk about stupid!

Now, I will make a greater effort here - I really will - I'm such a slacker sometimes - too busy with my design work et al of late to do anything just for me (well, I like the designing, I do but it's not 'art' now, is it?)

Hmm - what else? Nothing else - for the moment :)

Oh, I think I will have a little subscribe thing here - yeah, that's a good idea, isn't it?