8 September 2006

Am I stupid, or what?

Okay, I was wondering why I had no comments here (I mean, the stuff isn't THAT bad - LOL) and then I see that I do - so, I wonder why I have not been notified of them - well duh - I go and check my settings and see that I haven't put in an email address to have the comments sent to me - talk about stupid!

Now, I will make a greater effort here - I really will - I'm such a slacker sometimes - too busy with my design work et al of late to do anything just for me (well, I like the designing, I do but it's not 'art' now, is it?)

Hmm - what else? Nothing else - for the moment :)

Oh, I think I will have a little subscribe thing here - yeah, that's a good idea, isn't it?

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