16 September 2006

The Specials

I'm a funky mood this morning. It's my DH's 50th birthday - woohoo!

Anyhow, I got my Dover sample email this morning and the matchbook clipart appealed to me - especially the after dinner specials. I changed it to read "my", instead of "our". Here is the result of my wacky idea - click on the pic for a larger view:

Credits as follows:

Bathing beauties by Maya at Scrapbook Graphics
Paper by Meredith Fenwick at Scrapbook Graphics
Zipper and template by Annette Farrelly at Pickle Berry Pop
Pins by Karen Hunt at Scrap Book Bytes
Corkboard and twill tape by Christine Smith at The Digi Chick
Woman by Janna Billman at katrynbalint.com


Janna said...


Cindy Jones said...

I love it! Seems as though the housewife wants to break free of her routine. Or, she was already a bathing beauty and is showing both sides of herself!