13 September 2007

Image upload

I was having trouble getting my new header in place. Blogger just wouldn't accept it. I know it's not too big or anything, so it has me confused.

I tried grabbing it from the computer, no go.

I tried uploading to ImageShack and Photobucket, still not working!

So, in desperation, I searched the Blogger help groups and found a solution, I hope!!

I'll share this little tidbit, to save you from searching high and low. Make a new post and upload your image to the post, but make sure it's from the computer. When you view your draft, your image will be in the post COMPLETE with an image url! Copy and paste that image url into the web address bar in the header edit section.

Now, let's see if it works.

ETA: No, it didn't. I'm going to scream in a minute. Sigh.

Well shoot, it looks like it may because I'm using Safari. Bleah

I switched to Firefox and everything worked! Whee!

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