15 September 2007

Playing around

I was playing around in Illustrator again last night and I love it's versatilty. I've created one basic Diva face and simply by moving this, transforming that and changing brush strokes, I can create an entirely new face, that only bears a passing resemblance to the original.

A few days ago, I had downloaded some foliage vector brushes from BittBox and I wondered what some of them would look like as hair. Yes, yes, I know, but regular visitors should know by now I have some unusual ideas.

So, do you want to know what my Diva looks like? Here she is, I've called her Flora (what else could she possibly be named, Fleur perhaps?)

1 comment:

katef said...

I badly need a lesson in illustrator... I just got it and PSCS3 as pressies and I LOVE illustrator but so far can't do much. I need about a hundred new hours in the day so I have time to learn too! LOL