12 September 2007

So, I've been thinking ...

I'm on a bit of a hiatus at the moment with my digital design work.

It didn't stop me from playing around with Photoshop and I had a lot of fun doodling in Illustrator. I actually made some really cool Diva Doodles. The few people that I have shown them too have really liked them. The only problem is that I don't see how they would work in digital scrapping.

So, I got to thinking ... they would work great in collage projects. Digital collage or mixed media. The Divas could be printed on vellum; transparencies; textured card stock; canvas - anything really. They would look super cool.

I'll admit, I was heavily inspired by Traci Bautista's book, Collage Unleashed.

So I thought a bit further. A lot of my fellow designers are opening up blog shops, and I thought that maybe I could do that too, but I would only sell my Divas and other related doodles. The more I think about it, the more it appeals to me. It really does. I need to go and confer with some designers.

I feel inspired for the first in ages.

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