13 October 2007

Discovering Lightroom

So, I've been hearing about Lightroom around the traps and had absolutely no idea what it was or what it could do. From most of the discussions, I gathered it was some kind of Photoshop like program, along the lines of Photoshop Elements. Ha!

As I was poking around on my computer yesterday, I noticed that my husband had installed Lightroom (this is what happens when you have two hard drives, things get lost). My brain goes hum and I open it up. Okay, what is this? It looks weird. I open a photo in it and use the default presets. Ooh, whacko, this is fun. Ten minutes later has me searching the net to find some free presets, which I find. If you have Lightroom, you will no doubt by now have discovered the OneClick Wow presets, if not, you can get them here - onOneSoftware - they are fun.

I also made some of my own presets. The tricky part with those, like creating photo effect actions in Photoshop, is the initial photo that you are using. You get just the look you want, you save the preset (or action) and then the next photo you use the preset (or action) on, well, it doesn't look the same. That can be fun too though.

The bit that I love most about Lightroom is that you have the option of exporting your photo to edit it further in Photoshop. It's right there in the menu, so cool! Anyhow, after a bit of playing around, I came up with this. The end photo in actual size looks like a dreamy pencil and water colour painting. Most excellent :) Click on the image for a larger view.

The photo is one that I took on my crappy old Olympis digital. I'm in love with almost all the photos that I took while we were away in Europe for five weeks earlier this year. This photo was taken in Italy, in a place called Bassano del Grappa (what a picture postcard place, seriously - just gorgeous). I deliberately left the corner of the urn in my photo, as I think it provides interest.

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Ernie said...

Great stuff!

I'm reading about Italy right now. It sounds wonderful!

E :)