24 October 2007

The Joseph Cornell Box

Today, while browsing in one of my favourite book stores, I found The Joseph Cornell Box Book. Wow! I had to have it and it was the last one they had, so lucky me!

I have always been fascinated by boxes (which explains my love of photography, as we see the world through a 'box' in that instance, or that's the way I see it). I had not heard of Joseph Cornell until a few years ago and was instantly attracted. If you check out the rest of the link I just posted, you will see some of his work. It just amazes me.

I have boxes galore at home, all kinds. My brain is already overflowing with ideas but ... yes, there is a but, I don't have the room! I have so many goodies to use but I don't have anywhere to use them, bleah!

So, I will settle for creating it digitally, let's see how that works.

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