20 October 2007

Two free Lightroom Presets

I know, I know! I swore I wouldn't do this. This blog is about my art and design stuff and not about my store stuff, but ... having spoken about photography and Lightroom, I thought I would share two presets that I made.

Download link has expired.

You can get the free presets here - Mini Coffee and Cake. They are called Black Forest Cake and Cherry Donut and this is what they look like.

They are part of a larger set, called Coffee and Cake, for sale at my store. Not a bad deal, I think, six presets for $3.00 and I think they are rather cool.


Anonymous said...

Thank you - they look great

Mary E said...

Wow, I love them. Thanks for sharing!

Janine said...

Hi Karin

Long time no see! Send me an email! Janine

Todd said...

Hi Karin

Having all sorts of dramas to download your 2 free presets. Can you lend any assistance?