25 October 2007

Wreck this Journal

I came across this concept when I recently joined a new digi scrap forum. It sounded fun, but I didn't have the journal they were all talking about. Needless to say, while discovering the lovely Joseph Cornell Box Book from my last post, I also came across this very journal.

The website by the author of the book can be found here. The problem a lot of people seem to be having with this is trying to keep it beautiful, which is clearly not the author's intent, as can be seen by the May entry on her blog. Some really great photos of constructive destruction (now there's a paradox!) can be found at this Flickr pool.

I haven't really begun to wreck my journal yet, beyond crumpling some pages. I may just drag it out now and punch some holes and staple a few pages. Sounds fun.

Once I get the scanner up and running, I'll post some pictures. Of course, I may just take photos instead as the likelihood of the scanner being up and running? Hmm, yep, the less said the better.

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