4 March 2008

Spatter brushes

I was playing around in Photoshop for a change :) I made some spatter type brushes. They simulate the effects you would get with using a toothbrush and paint, and rubbing your finger along the bristles. They aren't perfect, but it's Photoshop and it has it's limitations with brushes sometimes. I love Photoshop and the brushes, but yeah, I wish they had the ability of Illustrator brushes, that would be awesome!

Anyway, here's a preview (click on the image to get a bigger version):

Download link has expired.

If you like them, you can download them here. I made them in CS3 so have no idea if they work in older versions, as I have no way to check.

17 February 2008

10 minute sketch challenge

I was playing around with sketching from a photograph. This is a quick one I made of my daughter. My husband says it could be anyone, but my daughter says it's her and she loves it. I took it into Photoshop for some colour. It could have been better, I know but it was just a 10 minute challenge for me.

5 February 2008


Okay, what's that you ask? Check out this website, which is home to the Zentangle. A name, I assume, derived from the words Zen and Tangle. I could go into a detailed explanation here, but I won't, visit the site, it's worth it for the gallery. I don't hold too much sway with the zen rah rah state, but I do like the concept of the art itself.

This interesting site came up in discussions on my yahoo journaling group. Typical for the group, it caught our imaginations and quite a few of us started zentangling. I wondered if I could zentangle using my graphics tablet and Illustrator. The answer is yes, I can. In some ways it's quite satisfying and in others, it isn't. Anyhow, here's my very first one, not the best, but it's done!

4 January 2008

The Flowers

Well, looks like a couple of requests :) Thanks ladies.

Here's a preview.

The brushes come in black (with tint selected, so it will be the colour of your stroke when used), and colour (with hue shift selected, so the shades will change depending on the stroke colour). To use them, make a circle and then use the brush tip you want on the circle. You will need an extra circle for the centre of the flower, as shown.

Download link has expired.

You can download the actual brush set from here, I decided to make a separate brush file, instead of including it in the final Illustrator file.

Personal use only! Do not use commerically without contacting me first (as easy as leaving a comment). Thank you.

3 January 2008

Doodled Flower Brushes

I like the look of hand doodled flowers. I've made some doodled petals in Illustrator and converted them to brushes, to get whole flowers, very neat. I made a whole bunch in October or sometime last year, around 52 or thereabouts. Anyhow, I wanted to make some more, to get different looks, but I guess 52 took it out of me as I can't seem to make anything that different from the originals.

If anyone is interested, I'd post them here and give out the Illustrator files for the new ones (a total of nine). Let me know.

1 January 2008

Happy New Year

Woah, have I been absent from this blog, or what? Absent!

I hope everyone had or will have a Happy New Year! We watched the fire works in the city from our balcony and had champagne, very nice.

I've been playing around with stuff, as usual, but nothing new to report, as yet. I need to stop playing with brushes in Illustrator, and start learning some of the other features, like symbols (yeah, yeah, I know, I do, hee hee)

Nothing much to say, just checking in, yes, I'm alive, barely. Well, that's not true, I'm very much alive, just trying to focus and figure out what and where I'm heading this year. Isn't that what you are supposed to do in the new year?