4 January 2008

The Flowers

Well, looks like a couple of requests :) Thanks ladies.

Here's a preview.

The brushes come in black (with tint selected, so it will be the colour of your stroke when used), and colour (with hue shift selected, so the shades will change depending on the stroke colour). To use them, make a circle and then use the brush tip you want on the circle. You will need an extra circle for the centre of the flower, as shown.

Download link has expired.

You can download the actual brush set from here, I decided to make a separate brush file, instead of including it in the final Illustrator file.

Personal use only! Do not use commerically without contacting me first (as easy as leaving a comment). Thank you.


mizamigo said...

K, Those are beautiful flowers. I wish I had illustrator. Oh well. Glad you are alive & well. Hope you have a fantastic 2008!!!

PS Still waiting for my ATC. I think it must have gotten lost.

Amy Eileen said...

These are great!

Web Designz by Kristi said...

These are fantastic! I found your blog through a post at DST about brushes. Is there any chance you'd sell me some to use in digital kits I create? Contact: kristi at pacific dot net