17 February 2008

10 minute sketch challenge

I was playing around with sketching from a photograph. This is a quick one I made of my daughter. My husband says it could be anyone, but my daughter says it's her and she loves it. I took it into Photoshop for some colour. It could have been better, I know but it was just a 10 minute challenge for me.

5 February 2008


Okay, what's that you ask? Check out this website, which is home to the Zentangle. A name, I assume, derived from the words Zen and Tangle. I could go into a detailed explanation here, but I won't, visit the site, it's worth it for the gallery. I don't hold too much sway with the zen rah rah state, but I do like the concept of the art itself.

This interesting site came up in discussions on my yahoo journaling group. Typical for the group, it caught our imaginations and quite a few of us started zentangling. I wondered if I could zentangle using my graphics tablet and Illustrator. The answer is yes, I can. In some ways it's quite satisfying and in others, it isn't. Anyhow, here's my very first one, not the best, but it's done!