30 March 2009

Vectors and Illustrator and Photoshop, Oh My

I've been playing around with converting photos to vectors. It's a lot harder than I thought it would, even with the Live Trace option in Illustrator. Anyhow, I finally converted a photo to a simple black and white line drawing, imported it into Photoshop, and had a play around there. I'm mostly happy with it, the only thing that annoys me no end is the hair! I added a funky background (courtesy of Illustrator) and turned it into a newsprint image. Looks even more newsy at a low resolution, I knew it was good for something.

Anyhow, here it, for what it's worth. I call her Snow White, mostly because of the fair skin, red lips and black hair (and because we watched Happily Never After 2 over the weekend).

24 March 2009

Blog Background Part 304 or something

Okay, I'm going to stop fiddling with the background! I don't know why I started. The original background I kept for a year and a half, this lot of backgrounds I can't seem to keep for a day and a half! Erk! I need to put my energy into something more constructive.

20 March 2009

Blog Background

I've been playing around with the background for two days now. I have a really wide monitor, so all of the ready made blog backgrounds are too narrow. I know they aren't narrow for everyone else, but they are for me :) So, I made this. I'm still not sure about it. I like it and all, but ...

18 March 2009

Seeking Clarity

This started out as something completely different. I wanted a dress maker form, so I created my own in Photoshop, and then I vectorized it in Illustrator. So now I have the form. This had so many looks and then I randomly chose one of my acrylic styles and I thought, hey, that looks pretty cool actually. It evolved from there.

16 March 2009

Tree of Dreams

Before I was downsized, I got to play with a nice new digital kit so I could create a page for the purposes of promotion. The kit was really me and I'm glad I got to play with it. As it has now been released for sale, I can share my creation. I really liked it, and it's in the preview package, so I guess someone else liked it too :)

6 March 2009

Think like a Tree

Over at Digital Art Quirks, they have a weekly Quirkle challenge. The host lists three things that you need to incorporate into your piece - this week it was a door, water and a tree. I haven't played along before, but decided that I would, and here's what I made:

5 March 2009

A work in progress

I'm not sure where this is going yet, it needs a little something, but what? I like it enough to post though.

I love the whole concept of the "Flitter Sweet" (Christine Honsigner's designs) in the jar and her almost smug look and the other Flitter Sweet with the "what are you doing the jar when it's open, why don't you fly free" face; getting hooked.

EDITED: I added some swirly flowers to the FlitterSweet in flight. The title of the piece is The Illusion of Freedom.

4 March 2009

And so

At the beginning of the year, I had this crazy idea of making a new blog (yes!) and making an ATC a day. Needless to say, this fizzled out fairly quickly due to this, that and the other.

However, I didn't want to lose what I had already created for that blog, so I imported all my posts and art from there to here.

I hope to be more of a presence on this blog. I know, I know, I've said it before, but you never know, this time ... LOL. One of the reasons I might be around a bit more is because I'm a bit over the whole digi scrapping world at the moment. It seems that every time I think I'm getting somewhere, someone pulls the mouse mat, so to speak, from out under. Hmm, enough about me. More tomorrow, I'm feeling arty!