17 May 2009

Moonlight and Roses

I made this a while ago and I'm not really sure what I was thinking at the time; probably not the same thing I'm thinking now, that's for sure!

16 May 2009

The Kiss

After making my last post, I checked my blog roll and saw the theme to this week's Make A Moo Or Two was "A Kiss". I tried using one of the photos from our wedding two years ago, but it wouldn't work, so instead, I used this one. I took this in a hotel in Florence, Italy.

As the whole of Florence is steeped in history, I antiqued my photo. However, as my visit there was in this modern age, I added funky modern details like the paper and the swirly flight path of the bird. The bird itself transcends both the old and the new. Clever, huh? Especially as I just thought of this, yes, I'm making it up as I go along, but it works, hee hee. I originally made this as a 12 x 12 for another of my Altered Art Challenges. I moved this and changed that, but interestingly, it mostly remains the same.

Secret Thoughts

When I was still a CT member over at Scrap Artist, I was half in charge of the Altered Art Challenges. They were a lot of fun. I just wish that more people had participated and stepped out of their boxes. I tried to make my challenges interesting yet easy. Anyhow, one week I came up with the idea of silhouettes, as they are wonderful and versatile. This is what I came up with. It's interesting that even when I'm not trying to deliberately create an 'art journal' page, one still comes into existence.

14 May 2009

Remember This

Just a little something today. It's one of my favourite photos from our trip to Paris. My husband took it and he's not always the best photographer, but every now and again, he manages to capture the most perfect shot and this is one of them. I used the Moo mini card format as it can really stretch one's creative ability. I know this isn't much of a stretch, but sometimes simple is better.

12 May 2009


So once again I have neglected the blog. However, to be fair, I must admit to having neglected almost anything digital related for April and what has passed for May. I just haven't felt like it. The most computer related things I have done are to play Fairway Solitaire and looking things up, like movies etc.

I've been a bit more hands on, which I miss with digital creations; which has a distinct lack of tacticity (is there such a word?). I bought a Bind-it-All sometime in April and have been having a blast making and binding books. I've also made a bunch of meander books, which is an accordion folded book made out of a single sheet of paper, cut cleverly. I've found three ways of cutting the paper and I'm working on finding more. So far, no luck and my experiments have failed.