17 July 2009


If you looked at the blog, you'd think that I hadn't been very creative lately, which is usually the case. However, this time, it isn't. I've been busy crocheting hats for my daughter (as it's winter here) and exploring mixed media jewellery. I'm off to the hard ware store later to see what they have on offer, I can't wait!

Anyway, I found this nice blog yesterday and was inspired to make a new desktop, which I will share with you all :) Sorry about the watermark, but I'm tired of people stealing my stuff (it's pathetic, it really is, the time they spend surfing could be better spent learning how to do it themselves; don't you think? I know I do). It's a little different from my usual desktops, which are usually variations on my scrap pages, this could be one too, except that I made this at desktop size.

This was made using a bunch of free stuff, which I will link later, as I need to find them again. It's amazing how much good quality free product is out there.