24 October 2009

Bokeh and other textures

Over the last few weeks I've discovered bokeh. I'm trying to create bokeh effects with my point and shoot camera.  I'll let you know how it goes, according to the experts, it's a near impossibility.

In the meantime, I've had to 'pretend' and have been hunting down bokeh textures from all over the net.  I've been using those textures with my regular textures on my photos and here's one of the results (one of many, they are so much fun to make).   My daughter somewhere in Marrakesh.  We had been to the market the day before and she had wanted an outfit like the local kids.  Of course, she had to make it her own; so she added the sunhat (which was from our Italian leg of the same trip). 


Anne of Alamo said...

i guess I am Now an OffiCial StalKer...or followeR
I popped in via DSt, and The ATC and wanted to thank you.


thank you

Southern Creek Designs said...

Hey Karin, would you be interested in selling @ Plaindigitalwrapper again? Specifically kits for ATC's?