21 April 2010

Zentangle Postcard Swap

When I bought my Zutter binding machine, I joined a Yahoo group about mini books.  They host a lot of swaps, most of which I miss, as I'm generally dreadful when it comes to keeping deadlines.  However, one of the members came up with the idea of a zentangle postcard swap, which intrigued me enough to want to join, so I did.

I did a bunch of looking around on the web on zentangles (and cannot believe how much more information is out there compared to a few years ago) and come across some ideas that interested me.   One in particular was using a stamped face and zentangling around it.  Here's my take, using a partial vector face (the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, shoulder and basic hairline).   I chopped of two centimetres of art on the right hand side, as it didn't look right.  Not the best, but not the worst either.

20 April 2010

Dream Mandala

I'm still playing with the mandalas.  I find it fascinating that something can change so completely.  Here's another mandala that I made yesterday.  I call it Dream.

Here is the source image.

18 April 2010


While searching for zentangle patterns and ideas, I came across mandalas (natural, if you think about it).  However, what I didn't expect was digital mandalas.  Oh yes!  Thanks to Sacred Circle Mandalas and Earth Mandalas, I've discovered a whole new obsession (other than the recent zentangle one, but more about that later).   They are so much fun to make and the results are fascinating (and being me, I've sped up the process by creating an action which draws my shapes and does all the niggardly rotation work). 

I love how different the mandalas look, depending on whether you've used a three, four, five, six or eight part template and the same image.

Here's one I made yesterday, which I've called Peace (click for bigger and better view).  It's pink and I still like it, which says something, as I do not like pink!

For those interested, here is the source image.