7 May 2010

Chandeliers and Spam

First, I'm working on some chandelier silhouettes in Illustrator, which I'm importing into Photoshop to turn them into custom shapes (I know, I know, talk about going backwards, hee hee).  There is a reason behind the madness.  When I've got a few done (four so far), I'm uploading the shapes to share!   Yay!  And just for the fun of it, trying saying chandelier silhouette shapes ten times fast.

Second, I've had to turn comment moderation on, which I loathe, but I got hit by a spam bot or something in my comments and just wasted 10 minutes of my life getting rid of the garbage!  Be warned fellow bloggers. I don't know why they bother, does anyone keep that stuff around?  Maybe they get paid by the number of comments or something. 

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