21 September 2010

Getting too caught up

I don't know about you, but when I'm creating something in the digital medium, I get too caught up in making it perfect.  I spend days doing the same thing and, in the end, I've created very little.  When I was more hands on, any mistakes were dealt with immediately.  There was no undo when I smudged a stamp, or cut off something I shouldn't have.  Very rarely did I start over, that was far too time consuming.  So why do I do it now?  I have to admit, I honestly don't know.  It's still time consuming.  There is no reason for me to do so.  So I decided that I won't!  Well, I'll try not too.

Which brings me to this post.  I haven't used my camera in some time, that's because I couldn't find the battery charger (which has now been found, yippee!), and I missed it.  Today The Moo and I went out for a walk and I took my camera.  I just photographed random things.  I'll admit, when I uploaded them to Lightroom I did delete the extremely fuzzy photos.   I was about to delete all the photos I took of The Moo's eye in close up, but I didn't.  I applied one of my presets and imported it over to Photoshop.  I had a very short play, and this is what I came up with:

I'm quite pleased with it.  I didn't over think it and I didn't over work it.  I'm hoping this means that my creative muse has decided to return from her sabbatical.  She's certainly been away for far too long!