10 January 2011

And so the new year begins

Christmas 2009, I was given an iTunes Store gift card, which I never used, up until yesterday.  I was originally going to buy some music, but I didn't - instead, I bought some photography apps.  I've been having fun with them ever since.

Here's a photo where I used several different apps to get the end result.  It was so easy!

It's also so easy to get 'suckered' into buying the full version of the trials.  However, as most of them are under $3.00, and in most cases, even under $2.00, it's not a problem - until the gift card runs out that is.


Balinda {RebelChick} said...

that's quite beautiful

Aiko said...

I would love to know which apps you used to create that! And I love your arts, btw :)